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Features of dye processing

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① There are many kinds of processing, because dyes are fine chemical products, generally the production tonnage is not large, there are many varieties, and the processing methods are different, so the process and equipment are quite complicated;

② The dye factory needs to adjust the dosage form or change the variety according to the market situation, and requires that the processing equipment should have a certain adaptability, and the production equipment should be multi-functional and have strong mobility;

③The technical content is high, and the post-processing treatment includes many aspects and also involves many professional knowledge. There are both physical and chemical changes in the processing process, and many factors are both interrelated and mutually restrictive;

④ High product quality requirements, commodity dyes have a number of economic and technical indicators, some of which have formulated national standards, harsh production conditions, require stable operation, operators should have high quality and a strong sense of responsibility.

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