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Are you worried that the color of the textile is not dark enough?

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The deepening agent mainly solves two problems

1. The absorption rate of the textile is saturated, and no amount of dye will be dyed deeply, and it will cause serious problems of poor color fastness. By deepening the relay of silicone oil, the color is further and darker.

2. Save dyes. For textiles with low color depth requirements, using darkening silicone oil instead of a small amount of dyes can not only achieve the same color depth, but also save softeners and dyes. After all, dyes are several times more expensive than deepening silicone oil.


Deepening Agent

The fifth-generation softening and deepening agent, on the basis of the previous generation of deepening agent, is 10-20% deeper (the total depth can be 60%). The feel is also softer and smoother, which not only meets the soft and deepening needs of various medium and dark colors, but is more suitable for making "Arabian Black" style fabric products.

It is not easy to break emulsion, does not have silicon spots, and is super stable. It is not only suitable for traditional padding process, but also for immersion in the tank. It does not stick to the equipment when used in the tank, and it is not easy to produce silicon spots. It has good pH tolerance and temperature stability, and it is easy to repair.

Compatibility is also excellent, and it can be widely used in polyester (dispersed), cotton (reactive, vulcanized, indigo) and other fiber fabrics and dye types.


1. Break through the black limit, generally increase 30%-60%

2. Very suitable for making "Arabian Black" style super black and extra black fabrics

3. Reduce the amount of dyes used, effectively reduce dyeing costs

4. Substitute for conventional softeners, with good smoothness, effectively reducing the cost of finishing

5. Good thermal stability and shear resistance, suitable for a variety of dyeing and finishing equipment

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