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Tiankun Chemical's safety and environmental protection measures

Tiankun Chemical is committed to safety and environmental protection, and adopts strict measures to ensure product quality and safety.
Strict environmental protection index screening and storage and transportation management of intermediate chemical raw materials to ensure quality and safety from the source. Implement strict management measures in tank farms, hazardous chemical warehouses and other areas to prevent irregular discharge and serious air or water environmental pollution caused by chemical volatilization and dispersion. Install sufficient flammable and toxic gas leak detection alarms in accordance with international standards, which can be sent to the control room and on-site operation room where the operator is stationed in case of danger.
The modern production equipment and automation transformation of the production process are strictly controlled at the end of the production process. Set the highest safety production standards, perform precise operations, find out the reasons for any abnormal changes in temperature, liquid level, and pressure, and deal with them correctly; carefully monitor production dynamics, equipment and facilities, and comprehensive management, and do not miss any A suspicious point.
Production Equipment

Technical transformation of production process, continuous technological innovation, environmental protection upgrade of dye production process.

The workshops and departments are required to compile and improve the "Work Safety Employee Job Instructions" and "Job Instructions" to ensure that each post must have an executable safety production system text.

Regular (once per month) and irregular (once per quarterly inspection) comprehensive safety production inspections, and strict inspections of safety production, process operation, equipment management and civilized production hidden dangers. At the same time, the focus is on the detection of lightning protection and anti-static points for storage tanks, spray towers and other equipment to ensure that the lightning protection and anti-static facilities are in good condition, and immediately organize inspections and repairs when hidden dangers are found.
Sewage treatment

Self-built overall solution for sewage treatment. The daily sewage treatment volume can reach 10,000 tons. The effluent quality meets the requirements of process water reuse. It can be recycled and reused in dye production to achieve zero discharge; the recovered salt reaches the quality of industrial products and can be recycled Use or sell outside to realize resource benefits.



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