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  • What will influence cationic dyes in dyeing


    The cationic dye has a large affinity for acrylic. When dyeing, it spreads slowly due to fast adsorption, which is prone to dyeing uneven phenomenon. Once the dyeing is incomplete, it is difficult to correct it by extending the dyeing time. When dyeing the cation dye, in order to obtain a uniform dy Read More

  • What is the impact of water quality on dyeing?


    pHFor active dyeing, when the pH value is 7 ~ 9, the color difference between the product is normal, indicating that the pH range has little effect on the product color difference, and the presence of a small amount of alkali will not change or destroy the active dye molecules.When the pH value is 8 Read More

  • What do you need to pay attention when dyeing with acid dye


    Acid dyes refer to a dye that contain acid groups in dye molecules that can be combined with amino groups in protein fiber molecules with ion bonds and applicable under acidic, weak acids or neutral conditions.Its structure is mainly nitrogen and 为, and a few are aromatum methane structures. Dyes an Read More

  • What are the dye fastness?


    The staining fastness refers to the ability to maintain the original color state under the influence of various external factors during the use of or during the processing process of dye fabrics.The staining fastness is one of the important quality indicators to measure the finished product. The dye Read More

  • 5 key points to improve the solid color rate of reactive dyes


    Although the fixing reaction rate is far greater than the hydrolysis reaction rate, if the process conditions are not controlled properly, such as the high pH value of the dyeing liquid or the temperature is too high. Read More

  • How is the ink market in Europe


    Although a series of global issues have been mentioned in this report, European ink consumption achieved a good recovery in 2021. However, the textile digital printing market in this area is far more mature than Asia, which means that there are fewer growth opportunities, unless the momentum of near Read More

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