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  • What are the performance of reactive dyes


    1. dissolvedQuality activated dye products are well used in good water solution. The concentration of the solubility and the preparation of the dyeing solution is related to the selected bath ratio, the amount of electrolyte, the dyeing temperature, and the amount of urea. The solubility of active d Read More

  • Why is the highest temperature of disperse dyeing at 130℃ (high temperature and high pressure method)


    Because at 130 ℃, the dyeing percentage of disperse dyes is the highest, with bright color, level dyeing and less floating color. 1) If the temperature is too high, the dye is easily decomposed and the fiber is easily damaged.2) If the temperature is too low, the dyeing rate is low and the dye penet Read More

  • Por qué los diferentes tipos de colorantes cambian de color en serio?


    Estructura del colorante (pigmento), la estructura del colorante se divide básicamente en tres partes "grupo raíz cromóforo" "grupo raíz de reacción (unión)" "grupo raíz de conexión" Read More

  • Simple introduction to solvent dye


    Solvent dye is a type of dye that can be dissolved in organic solvents. It is a very common type of dye. It is insoluble in water and can only be dissolved in organic solvents or oils. Read More

  • Solvent dye variety and performance


    Solvent dye was originally named because it can be dissolved in various organic solvents. ) The dye in) is called Oil Dye (Oil Dye), and the dyes that can dissolve the polar solvents (ethanol, acetone) are called alcohol soluble dye. Read More

  • What are the main points of disperse dyeing operation?


    1. Pay attention to the cleaning of the conveying pipeline of the high temperature tank for dyeing and washing tanks.2. The materials and dyes are generally prepared 20-30 minutes in advance, stirred and dispersed evenly for use.3. The temperature of the chemical material should not exceed 50 °C, ot Read More

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