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Tiankun Chemical Skycron Disperse Dyes: High-Performance Disperse Dyes for Polyester

Tiankun Chemical's Skycron Disperse Dyes offer high-performance color fastness, brightness, and levelness for a variety of polyester applications.
Who Are We
Founded in the year of 1999, HANGZHOU TIANKUN CHEM CO., LTD. is a large-scale enterprise who specializes in manufacturing dyestuffs. With the aid of standardized production, experienced sales team, advanced laboratory, timely delivery, we have successfully been catering to the demands of our customers and have became one of the top-ranking dyestuff factories in the domestic market. With the combination of professional production capacity and effficient industrial development, We mainly manufacture Disperse Dyes,Reactive Dyes

What is disperse dyes?

Disperse dyes is a class of non-ionic dye, which has low water solubility and exists in water primarily in a highly dispersed state by means of the effect of the dispersing agent in the process of dyeing. It is mainly used for dyeing polyester fibers.

Dyeing Procedure of Disperse Dyes

1、High temperature high pressure dyeing, 2、Carrier dyeing, 3、Thermosol dyeing, 4、Printing.
Skycron Disperse Dyes
Skycron General Series
NO Product Name NO Product Name NO Product Name
1 Skycron Yellow 56  22 Skycron Red SE-3GFL 43 Skycron Brown S-2BL
2 Skycron Yellow RGFL 23 Skycron Red FB 44 Skycron Borwn S-BS
3 Skycron Yellow E-3G 24 Skycron Red SE-GFL 45 Skycron Blue FFR
4 Skycron Yellow 3GE 25 Skycron Red S-R 46 Skycron Blue 2BLN
5 Skycron Yellow 8GFF 26 Skycron Red BEL 47 Skycron Blue S-GL
6 Skycron Yellow S-G 27 Skycron Red BS 48 Skycron Blue s-bgl
7 Skycron Yellow 6GS 28 Skycron Red GS 49 Skycron Blue GG
8 Skycron Yellow 5G 29 Skycron Red S-5BL 50 Skycron Blue HGL
9 Skycron Yellow BRL 30 Skycron Red SE-GFL 51 Skycron Blue 3RT
10 Skycron Yellow 4G 31 Skycron Red FRL 52 Skycron Blue BBLS
11 Skycron Yellow 10G 32 Skycron Red C-2RL 53 Skycron Blue SE-3R
12 Skycron Yellow 5GL 33 Skycron Red HBBL 54 Skycron Blue CR-E
13 Skycron Orange E-RL 34 Skycron Red G 55 Skycron Navy Blue EX-SF ECO 
14 Skycron Orange SE-RBL 35 Skycron Red F-3BS 56 Skycron Black EX-SF ECO (G)
15 Skycron Orange S-2GFL 36 Skycron Red BG 57 Skycron Black EX-SF ECO (R)
16 Skycron Orange 2G-FS 37 Skycron Violet 2R  58 Skycron Black ECT
17 Skycron OrNGE SE-3RLN 38 Skycron Violet HFRL 59 Skycron Black GI
18 Skycron Orange SE 39 Skycron Violet RB 58 Skycron Black SR CONC
19 Skycron Red B 40 Skycron Violet RL 59 Skycron Black RD-3G
20 Skycron Red BD 41 Skycron Violet B 60 Skycron Blue JA
21 Skycron Red E-2GFL 42 Skycron Brown S-R 61 Skycron Black JA
  • Excellent dispersion Property
  • Excellent Compatibility reproductibility
  • Good fastness
  • Various color of combination

Skycron High Fastness

Have an excellent fastness to dry heat and contact fastness (perspiration and water)
• Cover the important shade ranges of blues, navies and blacks
• Suitable for dyeing PES and PES blends by exhaust an continuous method
Skycron High Fastness
NO Product Name
1 Skycron Yellow TXF
2 Skycron Golden Yellow TXF
3 Skycron Brown TXF
4 Skycron Rubine TXF
5 Skycron Red 3BS TXF
6 Skycron Rubine 4BS TXF
7 Skycron Scarlet TXF
8 Skycron Turq.Blue TXF
9 Skycron Blue 2GS TXF
10 Skycron Navy Blue TXF
11 Skycron Black HWT TXF
12 Skycron Navy Blue GS TXF

Skycron CC Series

Compatiblue range of economical,medium-energy dyes for rapid,reliable exhaust and continuous dyeing of polyester and it's blends with other fiber Good all-round colour fastness
Excellet build-up and economical dye recipes
High productivity in exhaust dyeing through optimised rapid dyeing
Skycron CC Series
NO Product Name
1 Skycron Yellow CC
2 Skycron Orange CC
3 Skycron Red CC
4 Skycron Scarlet CC
5 Skycron Rubine CC
6 Skycron Blue CC
7 Skycron Navy Blue CC
8 Skycron Black CCR

Skycron "P"Type Printing Series

High sublimation fastness and excellent dispersion property
• High built-up even as having very deep strength
• Various color for combination

Skycron "P"Type Printing Series
NO Product Name
1 Skycron Yellow P-6G
2 Skycron Yellow P-4G
3 Skycron Yellow Brown P-2R
4 Skycron Red P-4G
5 Skycron Red P-4GL
6 Skycron Red P-3B
7 Skycron Rubine P-2G
8 Skycron Violet P-4R
9 Skycron Blue P-BG
10 Skycron Blue P-2R
11 Skycron Turq.Blue P-BG
12 Skycron Black P-6BL

Skycron Plus Series

Plus Series. Dyestuff compatibility.
  • State-of-the-art accuracy in standardising(shade and strengh).
  • Excellent level dyeing performance on difficult fabrics,e.g.micro fibre weight-reduced polyester,taffeta.
  • Lower processing costs through in creased productivity and reduced reprocessing .
  • High productivity through rapid dyeing ,using Optidye P software
  • Good build-up and exhaustion properties on fine denier polyester fibres.
  • Excellent build-up in black shades on microfibre.
  • Good all-round colour fastness.
Skycron Plus Series
NO Product Name
1 Skycron Yellow PLUS
2 Skycron Orange PLUS
3 Skycron Blue PLUS
4 Skycron Dark Blue PLUS
5 Skycron Red PLUS
6 Skycron Rubine PLUS
7 Skycron Black PLUS

Our Certificate

Tiankun carries out the examinations - from raw material to the final product - in the production process in its own reliable accredited test laboratories. Tiankun dyestuffs are certified with Oeko-Tex®, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Screened Chemistry Program Standard for Textile Chemicals, thereby contributing to the achievement of brands and retailers sustainability goals.

Our Advantages

Professional production capacity, different production base, stable supply chain, over 15 years production experience, full-category product provision, customized service support, excellent market reputation, independent brand, diversified cooperation method.


  • Q What dyes does Tiankun manufacture ?

    A We are primarily into manufacturing of disperse dyes and reactive dyes.
  • Q Why should we choose Tiankun ?

    A Tiankun is one of the largest producers of Disperse Dyes China. We have been in operations since 1999 providing quality dyes of the highest standards.
  • Q Why disperse dye is so called ?

    A Disperse dye is so called because it is non soluble and molecularly dispersed therefore dispersing agent is necessary for coloration with disperse dyes. Disperse dye is non-soluble in nature. Disperse dye is insoluble in water.
  • Q What is application of disperse dyes ?

    Disperse dyes are dyes intended for polyester, acetate, and related hydrophobic fibers. It is estimated that 85% of disperse dyes are azos or anthraquinone dyes. Disperse dye have low solubility in water, typically less than 1 mg/L. They are applied to the article as an extremely fine suspension.
  • Q What are the properties of disperse dyes?

    A The chief characteristics of disperse dyes include low solubility in water, the colloidal dispersion property is applied and dispersion dyes are non-ionic dyes so they are free from ionizing. Disperse dyes are often classified as per the rate of dyeing, molecular size and colour fastness.

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Professional production capacity, different production base, stable supply chain, over 15 years production experience, full-category product provision, customized service support, excellent market reputation, independent brand, diversified cooperation method.

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