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Tiankun welcomes you to become a part of our exclusive regional agent network. Discover the advantages and privileges of cooperation with us, including regional protection, brand usage rights, profit difference control, independent operations, and access to valuable marketing resources. Explore the benefits of partnering with Tiankun today!
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join us Become our agent:

Tiankun implements a regional exclusive agency system to provide agents with branding, technology, logistics, R&D, training, and after-sales service.

We are looking for reliable agents who will represent our company in accordance with the highest quality of service. We agree to protect your interests by showing the benefits you will receive and our commitments. Please contact us for more information.

  Custom support
  R & D content
  Access to Information
  Develop strategies

Advantages of Cooperation

From the production process to the clinical application is the different stages of light, because of its span to play,
applied to the human body to be affected by the internal and external environment, and other complex factors.

Custom support:

We can make customized products according to customer requirements. Based on our research, we also recommend potential hot products on the market

Develop strategies

Help different customers make plans

Develop different sales strategies according to different usage scenarios

R & D content

We have 6% of revenue for the development and design of new products

Research on different markets to determine the differences between different markets and upgrade products

The developer has more than 20 years of experience in the dye industry and has a unique sensitivity to products

Access to Information

The marketing team, timely insight into the product situation of the customer's local market

Professional sales team, provide customers with local market information

Continuous product upgrades to meet customer needs in different markets

Tiankun regional agent cooperation rights and interests

01. Regional protection rights:

Agents enjoy exclusive monopoly rights in the region, and can develop business shops and lower level agents, and the proceeds are guaranteed.

02. The right to use the brand:

Agents enjoy the right to use TIANKUN brand, brand name and brand image.

03. The right of profit difference:

Agents have the right of self-control, and the price policy can be formulated in order to obtain the maximum profit.

04. The right to operate independently:

Agents can set up their own direct stores to carry out retail business and obtain super profits from retail sales.

05. The right to share ads:

TIANKUN has promoted full network marketing in all major websites. Agents can share them as they need.



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