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Tiankun Chem: Your Reliable Dyestuff Supplier

Our advantages: professional production capacity, different production base, stable supply chain, over 15 years production experience, full-category product provision, customized service support, excellent market reputation, independent brand, diversified cooperation method.


We have more than 20 years of industry experience and a very professional team to provide product production, research and development, sales support and other services. We understand the needs of the market, understand the latest product trends, and understand different customer needs, so that our products can meet the development trend of the market.

Product quality

The quality of our products has passed the tests of various certification systems (certifications in some of our industries: OKO-TEX CERTIFICATE, GOTS CERTIFICATE), and we use the highest standards in the selection of product materials. The product production dimension has very advanced production equipment, and each product is sold to the market after strict testing.


Our products have passed strict safety certifications. From raw materials to production processes to final products, they all meet various testing standards. At the same time, we have multiple certification certificates. We must all users who use our products have You can rest assured.

High standards

We have very strict standards for product materials, production processes, and production teams. We have very advanced production equipment. At the same time, we will provide relevant training to the production team every month to promise Tiankun Chemical's products all have leading quality in the industry.

Direct sales

We have our own production base, so no other company is responsible for the production and sales of our products, so that we can provide customers with the best products and best services to meet their different needs .

Charity assistance

We do a lot of charity work every year, especially for some areas and people in poverty. We will donate products and pay attention to social responsibility. This is also one of our corporate culture.

Supply chain integration capabilities

We have a very powerful and complete supply chain management system that can provide customers with overall solutions, whether it is a single category of product solutions or a complete set of product solutions, we can provide them at the lowest cost To our customers.

Perfect service system

Our service team is very strong. From the early product solutions to cooperation in the cooperation process and after-sales problem solving, we can all solve our problems in the first time.



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