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Dyeing is to produce colored paper. Such as colored writing paper, wrapping paper, advertising paper,Slogan paper, etc. must be dyed. The production of white paper often requires the addition of dyes to adjust Color, eliminate glaring and dim tones, increase the whiteness of paper, which is used in printing paper and writing a method often used in the production of paper.


Commonly used dyes in the paper industry include basic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes and fluorescent whitening agents.

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Basic Dyes

Basic dyes are the most commonly used dyes in papermaking to produce ordinary color paper.

SkyzonBasic dyes: Basic Red 14, Basic Red 13, Basic Red 16, Basic Yellow 40 are very popular in the market


Basic dyes are easy to color plant fibers,

Bright color,

But light resistance and heat resistance are not

Strong and easy to fade.

It is not advisable to use hard water and alkaline water to dissolve, because it can cause production Health spots. Usually join about 1% Acetic acid, use70ºC Use the following hot water after dissolving.

Acid dyes

Acid dyes are also a type of dyes commonly used in papermaking.

Commonly used are acid soap yellow,Acidic.Boiled red, acid blue and acid green

Skydiro dyes:Blue 62,Blue 25, Green 25,Black 2 ,Yellow 36,Orange 3,Orange 7, Red 88, Yellow 220 ,Brown Brown 282, Black 52, Orange 154, Red 405, Blue 260, Violet 90, Brown 355, Black 194


Direct dyes have affinity with fibers and can be dyed directly. This dye often has direct royal blue, direct yellow, and direct scarlet.

Although the color of direct dyes is not as bright as basic dyes, it has stronger light resistance than basic dyes


Fluorescent brightener is a derivative or salt of diaminostilbene. In addition to reflecting the light of the visible spectrum, it can also reflect ultraviolet light into visible light, so that the dyed substance will become purple-blue fluorescence after being excited by ultraviolet light. Therefore, the fiber treated by the fluorescent brightener will emit more than the original Visible light, and because the added reflected light has sky blue and purple, it can offset the yellow in the fiber, which has a whitening effect on certain Baidu paper


Skywhite Fluorescent brightener: VBL、HST-X ,HST、FU-D



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