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High -performance solvent dye

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Solvent commonly used in solvent dyes

1. Alcoholic solvents, such as methanol, ethanol

2. Antone and ester, such as acetate, acetone, and ethylene glycol ether.

3. Hydrocarbons include ester and aromatics, such as petroleum solvents, minerals, pine oil, benzene, toluene, and diene.

4. Handbrhamposus, such as carbon chloride, vinyl chloride, trichloride.

5. Oil, fat and wax, such as flaxseed oil, oil acid, hard fat acid, paraffin, etc.

Solid dye application induction:

1. Transparent paint and nitro cellulose, acetic acid cellulose, ethylene, alcoholic acid and other synthetic resin.

2. Caval printed the rubber stereotyped printing ink, re -writing paper and the color of the typing belt, round bead pen core oil, etc.

3. For all types of fat, oil, wax, light paint, etc.

4. Organic glass, cyclochlene, polystyrene, polymethylene, polyvinyl chloride, phenolin resin, rigiddehyde resin, amino plastic, etc.

5. Polycelas of polyester fiber fiber.

In short, we must learn more about the structure and performance of various solvents dyes in order to correctly select solvents dyes

the use of. The following properties are related to the structure of the dye,

The solvent dye requires a good solubility in the solvent and the interoperability of various solvents;

The heat resistance stability is good, high temperature resistance can be used in plastic, ABS high -temperature materials, etc.;

Light resistance, climate -resistant;

Acid -resistant, alkali -resistant;

Resisting, water -resistant

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