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How to control the bath ratio?

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No matter what kind of dyeing bath ratio is not a single stipulation, it should be determined by the dyeing and finishing company according to the processed products when formulating the process. For dyeing light and thin polyester fabrics with a weight of 60~100g/㎡, the bath ratio is generally controlled to be slightly larger, because the light and thin fabrics are bulky and the relative length is also long, so the bath ratio should be larger. On the contrary, if processing 250g/㎡ weight The bath ratio of polyester/cotton (or viscose) blended fabric should be controlled at about 1:10. Generally, the liquor ratio depends on the time it takes for the fabric to run in the machine for about 1.5~2min.

Practice has proved that for light and thin fabrics, if the rotation speed is too fast, the more the fabric will contact the guide roller, the fabric interlacing points will often cause slippage (crack), but on the contrary, it is easy to produce color patterns. For general fabrics, attention should also be paid to overloading. It is not only caused by the long accumulation time of the fabric in the cloth storage tank, and the difficulty of preventing uneven heat from the fabric in the process of staying in the machine, but also caused by the machine. The flow direction of the dyeing liquid inside causes the phenomenon of fabric knotting and clogging.

The quality of dyeing cannot be judged in isolation from the bath ratio, but depends on the mechanical controllability of the factory's machinery. From the perspective of dyeing and finishing, whether the liquor ratio is set properly or not depends on the overall dyeing quality.

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