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How to improve the process to reduce steam consumption?

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1. Low temperature pretreatment

Pre-treatment includes desizing, degreasing, refining, bleaching, alkali reduction, etc., which are generally carried out at high temperatures. After the cold reactor pre-treatment, high-temperature water washing is generally required to reduce pre-treatment problems, which can intuitively reduce steam consumption.

In addition to cold reactors, low-temperature pretreatment is usually achieved through the improvement of additives, such as low-temperature degreasing, which requires a degreasing agent with stronger emulsification and dispersion capabilities at low temperatures, and low-temperature bleaching through hydrogen peroxide activator. .

2. Low temperature dyeing

Low-temperature dyeing can generally be achieved by dyes and fiber modification. Low-temperature dyes can reduce steam consumption, but they usually have lower fastness than high-temperature dyeing. How to lower the dyeing temperature while ensuring color fastness is more important for low-temperature dyeing. The key to the promotion of goods.

Fiber modification can also reduce the dyeing temperature. For example, modified low-temperature normal-temperature and normal-pressure dyeing can reduce steam consumption.

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