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Naming of disperse dyes

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The name of disperse dyes is generally divided into three parts:

1. Crown head:

Indicates the classification of the dye.

For example: S or H means high temperature type, SE or C means medium temperature type, E means low temperature type

It is generally believed that the molecular weight above 300 is the low-temperature type, 300-400 is the medium-temperature type, and above 400 is the high-temperature type. It can also be considered that the color can be basically colored at 110°C for 40 minutes as the low temperature type, the color can be basically colored at 120°C for 40 minutes as the medium temperature type, and only at 130°C for 40 minutes is the high temperature type. There is no absolute boundary, just a rough division of communication.

2. Color name

Indicates the base color of the dye.

For example, Disperse Yellow E-3G, C-4G, C-5G, S-6G, 8GFF, 10GFF, the meaning of G among them is roughly the uppercase of Green, and the larger the number of G, the less red light and the heavier green light. The more tender the shade. Another example is Disperse Violet SE-3R, SE-4R, SE-5R, where R means the uppercase of Red. The larger the number of R, the heavier the red light, and the less blue light. Of course, there is no absolute limit.

3. Suffix:

Generally refers to strength.

For example, 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, means that the higher the concentration of the dye, the higher the dyeing power, the better the lifting power of the dye with the higher concentration, it is very advantageous to dye dark colors, but dye light colors, especially light gray For sensitive colors such as light coffee and light coffee, it is easier to adjust the shade with low strength.

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