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Performance test of disperse dye leveling agent 2------Migration property

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Dye migration is the process in which the leveling agent redisperses the part of the dyed fabric with high dye concentration into the dye bath, and then dyes the part with low dye concentration. Migration is an important performance of disperse dye color repair agent .

Regarding migration, the following methods are generally used for testing:

1. Experimental materials:

Dyed polyester fabric: Red (Un-se Red 0.5%) + Yellow (Un-se Yellow 0.8%) + Blue (Un-se Blue 0.5%) + Undyed polyester fabric, 4 fabric sheets Edge seams form a set.


Leveling agent x g/L

pH 4.5-5

Bath ratio 1:20

2. Experimental process:

Dyeing at 40℃, heating up to 130℃ for 30min and transfer dyeing for 60min, taking out the cloth sample, washing with water, and drying.

3. Result evaluation:

The closer the color of each color sample in the combination after dye transfer is, the better the dye transfer effect is.

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