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What are the methods for evaluating the foldability of cotton knitted fabrics?

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At present, the evaluation of foldability is generally divided into subjective methods and objective methods.

A. Subjective evaluation method

Refer to the AATCC 128-2004 standard of the American Association of Textile and Dyeers. The main disadvantage is that the wrinkle condition of the fabric needs to be judged subjectively by human vision. When the registration reaches 3.5 or more, the difference between the sample and the reference sample is small, and the subjective judgment bias Larger.

B. Objective evaluation method

It uses various instruments and equipment to evaluate the wrinkle condition of fabrics in accordance with recognized standards and procedures. The corresponding standards mainly include China's GB/T 3819-1997 "Textile Crease Recovery Determination of Recovery Angle Method" and the United States AA TCC 66-2003 "Fabric wrinkle recovery and determination: recovery angle method" and so on.

Generally, the objective evaluation method only evaluates the wrinkle performance of the fabric by testing the wrinkle recovery in the warp and weft (vertical and horizontal) directions of the fabric, which is not comprehensive. Because the knitted fabric is subjected to external forces in different ways and directions during actual use, the knitted fabric produces three-dimensional wrinkles with different characteristics. To comprehensively evaluate the pleating performance of knitted fabrics. This article attempts to evaluate and measure the fold performance difference of cotton knitted fabrics in all directions, and establish a more comprehensive evaluation system for the foldability of knitted fabrics, which can provide a reference for the high-quality processing of knitted fabrics.

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