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What is the principle of color matching of dyes?

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1. Color matching principle

In daily production, there are more and more varieties of textile colors. Many colors can't be dyed with a single dye. They must be solved by color matching. In the process of specific color matching, the three colors of red, yellow, and blue are often referred to as the three primary colors or basic colors. With different amounts of the three primary colors, different shades of light can be spelled out. After the two primary colors are mixed, the resulting color is called the secondary color. The color formed by the secondary colors is called the tertiary color.

Color matching is a complex and meticulous work. In order to prevent obvious color difference, the following principles should be mastered when matching colors:

1. The dyes used for color matching should be of the same type, and the less the shade types of the dyes, the better. It is convenient to use the same method for dyeing, otherwise it is easy to dye flowers.

2. The dyeing properties of the dyes used for color matching should be similar, such as dyeing temperature, affinity, diffusion performance, fastness, etc., otherwise there will be defects of different shades

3. The concentration of each dye used for color matching must be consistent, otherwise the original shade cannot be achieved.

4. When using color matching, the types of dyes should be as few as possible. Two kinds of dyes can be used for color matching, and three kinds of dyes should not be used for color matching, so as to control the shade and easy to color. For example: if black can be spelled out with blue, don't use red, yellow, and blue.

5. When matching colors, the same amount of three primary colors are mixed to become black.

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