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Another Maersk container ship full of Chinese export goods has dropped its container!

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The ship involved was the "Maersk Eindhoven" ship, which was also the second case dropped by Maersk in a month.


A container ship owned by Maersk, "Maersk Eindhoven", was recently on its way from Xiamen Port in China to Los Angeles Port in the United States. It encountered severe weather in the waters near Japan and dropped its container.


Maersk stated in a customer statement that the 13,000TEU "Maersk Eindhoven" wheel built in 2010 was affected by bad weather and its engine stalled. A preliminary report showed that some containers fell into the water.


Maersk also said that it is still unclear about the specific losses and is waiting for further information. At the same time, all crew members are safe, the ship’s propulsion system has been restored, and suitable ports are being evaluated for the ship to berth.


According to the sailing schedule, in addition to Xiamen Port, the "Maersk Eindhoven" had previously called Hong Kong, Yantian and other Chinese ports, and was fully loaded with Chinese export goods. It was originally planned to arrive at the Port of Los Angeles on March 10.


Just a month ago, on January 16, another container ship of Maersk, "Maersk Essen", was also on the way from Xiamen Port to Los Angeles Port. There was a container drop and damage accident, and a total of about 750 were lost. container.


In addition to Maersk, shipping companies such as Mediterranean Shipping, ONE, and Evergreen Shipping have recently experienced similar incidents in the Pacific Ocean. 

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