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Disperse TXF Series

What is disperse dyes?

Disperse dyes are a class of insoluble dyes used mainly for dyeing hydrophobic synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and acetate. They are dispersed mechanically to form extremely fine particles in water, which can penetrate into the interior of the fiber.
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Application of Disperse Dyes

Disperse dyes are primarily used for dyeing synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, commonly found in clothing, home textiles, and industrial fabrics. They ensure vibrant colors and excellent fastness properties. These dyes are also used for blended fabrics, microfiber textiles, and textile printing, providing consistent and deep coloration. In automotive textiles, disperse dyes offer durability and colorfastness. Additionally, they are utilized in technical textiles for outdoor gear and protective clothing due to their performance characteristics.

Tiankun Chemical provides a variety of disperse dye series to solve different dyeing needs and problems

Tiankun Chemical blooms with a vibrant array of disperse dyes, offering a spectrum of solutions tailored to every dyeing challenge, like a garden of color flourishing to meet diverse textile demands.

Disperse Dyes General Series

This series provides reliable performance for a wide range of standard dyeing applications. Ensuring consistent results, it meets diverse dyeing needs. A versatile choice for general purposes.

Disperse Dyes CC series

Designed for dyeing superfine fibers, this series ensures high productivity and good color fastness. It provides excellent build-up and cost-effective recipes. Ideal for efficient exhaust dyeing.

Disperse dyes plus series

High-strength dyes for high-temperature and pressure dyeing, ensuring accurate standardization. They offer excellent dyeing on difficult fabrics and lower processing costs. Perfect for fine denier polyester fibers.

Disperse Dyes High washing

These dyes improve washing fastness, ideal for frequently washed fabrics like sportswear, underwear, and home textiles. They ensure long-lasting color and durability. Perfect for high-performance fabrics.

Nona Disperse Liquid dye

With ultra-small particles (1-100 nanometers), these dyes offer superior dispersion and brighter colors. They provide better colorfastness and promote sustainability. Ideal for dyeing synthetic fibers.

Disperse fluo series

Fluorescent dyes emit bright effects under UV light, making them perfect for fashion, sports equipment, and safety signs. They enhance visibility and aesthetics. Widely used in artistic creations.
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Disperse Dyes For Printing

Tiankun disperse dyes for printing offer excellent dispersion and reproducibility. They feature high fixing rates with minimal scum and staining. Easy to wash, they ensure clean and vibrant prints.
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Disperse Dyes HLF series

Offering excellent light fastness, this series meets various fabric requirements. It reduces dyeing costs while maintaining high standards for light exposure. Suitable for fabrics needing durable lightfastness.
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Take a visual journey through HANGZHOU TIANKUN CHEM CO., LTD.'s advanced production facilities. Our gallery showcases the high-tech equipment and streamlined processes that drive our excellence in dye manufacturing. See how our commitment to innovation, quality control, and efficiency enables us to deliver superior products and maintain our leadership in the dyestuff industry.

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At HANGZHOU TIANKUN CHEM CO., LTD., we pride ourselves on delivering superior dye solutions through stable quality, robust R&D, rich export experience, and exceptional local services. Here's what sets us apart:

Our Certifications

Tiankun Chemical's disperse dyes have OEKO-TEX, GOTS and ZDHC level 3 certifications, ensuring that the products are safe, environmentally friendly and in compliance with international standards. These certifications demonstrate the company's high standards and commitment to product quality and sustainable production.

Customer Success Stories


Discover how HANGZHOU TIANKUN CHEM CO., LTD. has helped clients worldwide achieve outstanding results. Our customer success stories highlight the innovative solutions and exceptional service that make us a trusted partner in the dye industry. Explore these case studies to see the impact of our high-quality dye products and expert support in various applications.

PT Company Uses Nano Disperse Dyes To Achieve Environmental Protection And Process Savings
Customer background:Indonesia's PT Company is a large textile manufacturing company that mainly produces polyester fiber and nylon fiber textiles. As global environmental regulations become increasingly stringent and the market demand for high-quality dyeing products increases, PT Company is faced w
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Helping Dye Factory A in Mexico Develop High-water-washable Disperse Black Dye
Dye Factory A, a leading textile producer in Mexico, faced challenges with poor water-washing fastness and high production costs of their black dyes. HANGZHOU TIANKUN CHEM CO., LTD. intervened by sending a team of senior engineers to collaborate with the factory's engineers. They identified that the dye's molecular structure was incompatible with the dyeing process. By developing a new high-water-washable disperse black dye with improved molecular structure, Tiankun Chemicals enhanced dye adhesion and stability. The successful implementation of this new dye significantly improved washing fastness, reduced production costs, and boosted customer satisfaction.
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