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Disperse TXF Series

Black Dye

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1. Disperse black:

Disperse black is not a single black, but is generally made up of three disperse dyes (such as disperse violet, navy blue, orange, etc.).

2. Reactive black:

The main component of reactive black is generally reactive 5# black, and the monochromatic 5# black is generally called navy blue, so reactive black is also made up of 3 or more reactive dyes.

3. Cationic black:

Cationic black is not a single color black, it is also made up of 3 cationic dyes mixed together.

4. Vat black:

There are two kinds of commonly used restore blacks: monochromatic black and mixed black. For example, restoring black RB is a kind of monochrome black (restoring black 9#).

5. Acid black:

Acid black is mainly monochromatic, such as acid black LD, in addition to monochromatic acid black, there is also acid black mixed with three primary colors; acid medium black is monochromatic.

6. Sulfur black:

Sulfur black is a mixture, but is a monochromatic black.

7. Direct black:

Direct dyes are generally monochromatic black, but the black used for blended dyeing is generally mixed with navy blue.

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