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Block Silicone Oil’s Advantage Than Amino Silicone Oil

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There are several reasons why Block Silicone Oil has advantages over Amino Silicone Oil in polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics:

1. Block Silicone Oil has strong hydrophilicity, which can form a uniform wetting film on the fiber surface during the fabric treatment process, providing good lubrication for the fabric and making the treated fabric soft and smooth. In contrast, although amino silicone oil also has a lubricating effect, its effect is relatively weaker for fiber fabrics with weaker hydrophilicity.

2. Block Silicone Oil has good permeability and can enter the interior of fabric fibers, making the fabric fluffy, smooth, and soft.

3. Block Silicone Oill can reduce the friction coefficient between fibers, making them easier to slide relative to each other and making the fabric softer and more fluffy.

4. Compared to ordinary amino silicone oil, Block Silicone Oil gives fabrics a more prominent, soft, smooth, and fluffy feel.

5. Block Silicone Oil is a green and environmentally friendly additive that does not contain APEO or NPEO, and meets European and American ROHS environmental standards.

In summary, Block Silicone Oil has shown superior performance on synthetic fabrics such as polyester, and has therefore been widely used.

53-Sylic CY-4882 Hydrophilic Block Silicone Softener

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