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Characteristics of commonly used fabrics

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1. Silk fabric: The silk surface is bright, soft, bright in color, thin and elegant.

2. Cotton fabric: It has the luster of natural cotton, is soft but not smooth, and the surface of the grey cloth has small impurities such as cotton seed scraps.

3. Wool fabric: Worsted woolen fabrics have a smooth and smooth surface, clear texture, soft luster, rich bones, good elasticity, and waxy feel; The woolen fabric has a rich surface, tight and soft, good elasticity, and has a smooth surface.

4. Hemp fabric: hard and cool.

5. Polyester fabric: It feels cool, has good elasticity, is not easy to wrinkle, and has sparkle in the sun.

6. Nylon fabric: feel smoother than polyester, but easier to wrinkle than polyester.

7. Acrylic fabric: It has a fluffy feel and good elasticity, similar to wool fabrics, but without wool fabrics.

8. Vinylon fabric: similar to cotton fabric, but not as soft as cotton fabric, and the color is not bright.

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