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Disperse red 3B discoloration phenomenon

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Disperse red 3B, a low temperature three primary color, is a very commonly used dye for polyester dyeing. Disperse Red 3B is the first choice for processing red fabrics with blue light in the dyeing process of bright light and medium polyester fabrics. However, in actual production, when the dyeing process is not formulated properly, the fabric discoloration phenomenon will occur after setting: large, very obvious blue spots are distributed on the fabric irregularly like clouds and mist, and cannot be repaired, only Color change will bring great losses to the factory and seriously affect the delivery time of customers.

In production practice, when dyeing medium-light bright colors, as the proportion of 3B red dye in the dyeing formula gradually increases, the chance of color change after the dye is set at high temperature also increases gradually. When this dye is used alone to dye polyester, if the weight of 3B red relative to the fabric is very low, such as 0.02%, the color change after high temperature setting will generally not occur. After the concentration of 3B red dye in the dyeing formula exceeds its standard depth of 2.4% (o.w.f), the dye depth of the dye is no longer obvious, so it is rarely seen in actual production that the concentration of 3B red dye in the dyeing formula exceeds 3. %(o.w.f).

In actual production, if you pad the softening agent in front of the dryer and complete the tentering on the setting machine, the probability of blue spot after setting will be reduced. Even if it appears, it is relatively light. Also, the drier the fabric is dried, the less chance of coeruleus.

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