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Home textile hot sales may continue in 2021

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According to the forecast of the well-known retail analysis and consulting company NPD Group, the demand for household products in the United States will remain strong in 2021. NPD Group Vice President Joe Derochowski said in a recent blog post: “The changes in consumer demand in 2020 will continue throughout 2021. Creating a safe home living environment is still very important. This is for home textiles and home furnishings. Related categories of commodities such as supplies and electrical appliances open up new opportunities."


Derochowski reminded in the article that as consumers can finally resume travel and work and classes, consumer demand in the second half of the year may be quite different from before, and household product developers need to adjust accordingly. He concluded: “Some of the life elements in 2020 will last longer-working from home for more time than before, increased pet ownership, moving to the suburbs, demand for more family space, etc. In the final analysis, the family Products are always relevant here, but the way consumers use them will change."


It is reported that American home textile purchase rate is one of the highest in the world. On average, American consumers buy about 1 billion towels and about 550 million bed sheets and pillowcases each year. This means that every family in 110 million American households buys at least 9 towels and 5 bed sheets and pillowcases.


Therefore, even in the current severe period of the epidemic, the operating conditions of some large supermarkets in the United States such as Wal-Mart are still stable, which has laid a good foundation for the demand for home textile fabrics. The current momentum will continue to develop in 2021, and this year's home textile market will certainly not be inferior to 2020.


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