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How to deal with fabric quality

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If the grey fabric is of good quality in production, the dyeing rate will be high and the dyeing will be good, and the fabric surface will be smooth and even and plump; if the grey fabric is of poor quality, the dyed white star and fabric noodles will be severely bloomed. Therefore, when encountering grey fabrics with a lot of dead cotton and cotton, it is necessary to strengthen the pre-treatment process, while ensuring the safety and reliability of production, try to clean the cotton as much as possible, boil the dead cotton through, and improve the dye uptake and the quality of the dyed fabric.


Because of the energy saving of fabrics before cold pile treatment, many companies are now applying them, but the effect of cold pile removal of cotton and sizing material is poor, and the cloth is relatively hardened, so it is easy to crease when dyeing, and the cloth guide stick is easy to stain and stains. Color spots, so less viscosity additives should be added during dyeing production, such as anti-migration agent, brightener NT-2, etc.

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