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How to dye polyester (ECDP) fiber?

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In the ordinary PET polymerization process, adding a small amount of the fourth monomer can produce the normal temperature and pressure dyeable polyester ECDP. This is mainly due to the introduction of polyethylene glycol flexible segments in the PET macromolecular chain, which makes the molecular structure of the fiber more loose and the amorphous area increases, which is more conducive to cationic dyes entering the fiber and interacting with more The acid group is combined, so it can be dyed under normal pressure boiling dyeing conditions.

ECDP fiber feels softer than CDP and PET fiber and has better wearing performance. However, due to the lower bond energy of the fourth monomer polyethylene glycol segment, the thermal stability of ECDP fiber is reduced, and the strength loss of ECDP fiber is more than 30% at the ironing temperature of 180℃. Therefore, fabrics made of ECDP fiber need to be extra careful when finishing, washing and ironing.

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