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How to identify the front and back of the fabric?

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Identify according to the organizational structure of the fabric

(l) Plain weave: It is difficult to identify the front and back of plain weave fabric, so there is no difference between the front and back in fact (except for calico). Generally, the front of plain weave fabrics is relatively flat and smooth, with uniform and clear color.

(2) Twill fabrics: Twill weaves are divided into single-sided twill and double-sided twill. The lines of the single-sided twill are clear and obvious on the front side, and blurred on the back side. In addition, in terms of the inclination of the texture, the front texture of the single yarn fabric is inclined from the upper left to the lower right, and the texture of the half-line fabric or the full-line fabric is inclined from the lower left to the upper right. The front and back textures of the double-sided twill are basically the same, but oblique To the opposite.

(3) Satin fabric: Because the front warp or weft of the satin fabric is more surfaced, the fabric surface is flat, compact and shiny. The lines on the reverse side are like plain weave and twill weave, and the luster is rather dim.

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