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How to improve the color fastness to rubbing of textiles?

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The color transfer of textiles is mainly due to two reasons:


First, the dye has transferred, especially after the sample is wetted, the dye is more likely to transfer. This is also the reason why the wet rubbing color fastness is generally worse than the dry rubbing color fastness. It needs to be pointed out that the dye has transferred and may dye the fiber on the surface of another sample; it may also be difficult to dye and stay on the surface of another sample in the form of particles.

The second is that the fibers fall off under the action of friction and transfer from one sample to another.


The poor color fastness to rubbing of textiles may be affected by these two aspects, or it may be mainly due to certain factors, such as dye transfer and dyeing.


In summary, to improve the color fastness to rubbing of textiles, we must first focus on improving the degree of color fixation of textile dyeing; in addition, we must fully wash the floating color on the textile surface; finally, the hairiness on the yarn surface should be firm and not easy to fall off.

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