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How to improve the success rate of a color test

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If it is a re-ordered color that is frequently produced, the pre-treatment process must be stable and consistent to ensure that the semi-finished products produced each time have the same gross effect, whiteness, and pH value. And each time before dyeing, the laboratory needs to make a sample, and the different batches of dyes and chemicals used need to make small samples for comparison. If there is no problem, the success rate of one-time color test will be high, and it can even be produced normally without color test (note that the dyeing production process and machine are consistent).

If a new color is produced, the laboratory must make a small sample for confirmation, and the sample must be complied with before dyeing. It is best for different proofers to conform to the sample at the same time. If the two proofing prescriptions are the same, then the first prescription will be close, and the success rate of one color test will be higher.

The origin and strength of the dyes and chemicals used must be determined, and it is not suitable to change the origin of the dyes and chemicals frequently. Due to the differences in dye quality, color stability, additives, production process, etc. of each manufacturer, the use of dyes from different manufacturers will cause a large gap in the first prescription of the return order, which will affect the success rate of the first color test.

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