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How to prevent hair balls?

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①Prevention in the previous process: improve the structural strength (twist number, etc.) and quality of the yarn count during the spinning and weaving stage

② Remedy in the finishing stage: At present, it is very common to do anti-pilling finishing of textiles after finishing. For some reasons, for example, certain fiber materials cannot increase the number of twists and other force majeure due to their characteristics in the spinning and weaving stage, and then finishing Anti-pilling finishing has become a must.

In the post-finishing anti-pilling process, water-based polyurethane polymer additives are generally used as the anti-pilling finishing agent. Water-based polyurethane has a good elastomer structure and can form a network structure with a certain degree of cross-linking with the fiber structure to effectively prevent Reduce fiber entanglement, pilling and other phenomena, greatly improve the anti-pilling and anti-wrinkle properties of the fabric, and make the fabric more wear-resistant.

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