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How to prevent textile yellowing?

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The phenomenon that the surface of white or light-colored substances turns yellow under the action of external conditions such as light and chemicals. We call this phenomenon "yellowing".

Yellowing of white and dyed textiles not only damages their appearance, but also greatly reduces their service life. Therefore, the research of textile anti-yellowing measures has always been one of the hot topics at home and abroad.

1. For the varieties that need to use fluorescent whitening agents, choose whitening agents that are less yellowing under various conditions.

2. When the fabric is finished and shaped, the temperature should not be too high. High temperature will cause oxidative cracking of the dye or auxiliary agent on the surface of the fabric, which will cause the fabric to turn yellow.

3. Test the yellowing performance of softeners and other finishing additives before use, and choose the additive model with low yellowing.

4. During packaging, storage and transportation, use packaging materials with low BHT content, and try to keep the storage and transportation environment at room temperature and ventilation to avoid phenol yellowing.

5. Use anti-yellowing agents according to different causes of yellowing, generally divided into anti-oxidative yellowing agents and anti-phenolic yellowing agents.

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