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How to prevent the elastic cloth from losing bombs during the rinsing process?

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In the washing and dyeing process of denim products, once the spandex is degraded and the loss of elasticity occurs, it is basically impossible to repair, so it is necessary to prepare pre-production samples to ensure that there will be no quality problems during mass production. According to the physical and chemical properties of polyurethane fibers. , Elastic denim products containing spandex cause loss of elasticity during the washing process, mainly due to the process formula or improper operation in the washing process, which causes the spandex to break and dissolve, and finally cause the loss of elasticity.


During the rinsing process, because spandex is not resistant to chlorine bleach, it will form a nitrogen-chlorine bond in the hypochlorite solution to damage the fiber, and the damage of polyether spandex is more serious. When the water temperature in the tank is too high or the time is too long during rinsing, the spandex will degrade, causing the fabric to lose elasticity. So how to avoid missing bullets during rinsing?


(1) Do a good job of pre-production testing;

(2) Floating water in production must be adjusted before it can be injected into the tank, and direct feeding is prohibited;

(3) Floating water must be added under the condition of equipment rotation to prevent local concentration from being too high and causing loss of bullets;

(4) When the bleaching water remains on the clothes after high temperature drying, the release of chlorine will cause the spandex to degrade. Pay attention to the cleaning work after bleaching;

(5) Strengthen personnel management of online work, monitor production conditions, and prevent quality problems caused by processing temperature or time exceeding process requirements.


When faced with such a high risk of missing bullets, many people ask, is there a better solution for rinsing and preventing missing bullets? The answer is yes, of course. The cold bleaching enzyme solution can completely solve the problem of losing bombs during the rinsing process, because the cold bleaching enzyme only works on the color of indigo and plays a bleaching effect without any damage to other fibers. Suitable for bleaching of elastic fabrics.

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