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How to solve the neps issue in cotton fabric?

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(1) To strengthen the maintenance of equipment.

(2) Strengthen the monitoring and inspection of the running state of the equipment. The good condition of the equipment is the basis of spinning the yarn well.

(3) Improve the sharpness of the card clothing, ensure that the craft is on the car, and achieve "five fronts and one accuracy".

(4) Shorten the cleaning cycle.

(5) The actual operation rate of the opening and cleaning machine is more than 85%, which is a stable production for the blowing and carding system. It is "fine grasping, thin feeding, light beating, opening, dense carding, less damage", and more knots are removed. favorable.

(6) The conveying cotton runs smoothly, does not block, does not hang flowers, and reduces cotton bundles and neps. Therefore, do a good job of sealing the pipes and cotton boxes to maintain sufficient air volume and pressure.

(7) The blade of the beater, the comb needle of the corner nail, the serrated rack, and the dust removal knife should be smooth and clean, and there should be no burrs, so as not to hook the fibers and rub them to produce neps and tows.

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