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How to test polyester crease during dyeing process?

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There are many factors that affect the creases of indefinite embryo tissues in the production. The experiment provides help for mass production by analyzing the influence of different factors on the creases. The model used in the test is a large 1-tube AK DSL 250 type Asian water flow tank. The test discusses the influence on creases through several aspects of dye vat nozzle, bath ratio, machine condition, temperature rise and fall rate, cloth load and the use of softener in the bath. In the test of the influence of nozzle type, cloth load, machine condition and bath ratio on the crease, in order to eliminate the interference of dyeing temperature rising and falling factors, the temperature rising and falling rate was controlled at 0.5°C/min for analysis.

In order to simplify the process, each group of experiments was washed 3 times after dyeing, and dried out of the tank without post-treatment. The evaluation of the crease in the test is based on whether the QC department of the factory can promote production as the standard. If it can, it means that there is no crease, and if it cannot, it means that the crease is obvious.

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