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India's COVID-19 Outbreak Out of Control

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According to the latest report from the World Wide Web, India has set a new global record of new crown diagnoses for 4 consecutive days, with an average of 1 death every 4 minutes. If it is said that only using words like "hell on earth" to describe the current situation in India cannot give people an intuitive feeling, then the large-scale paralysis of the crematorium and the continuous accumulation of corpses can really make people feel the domestic epidemic in India. Horrible. According to Indian media reports, in some city-states in India, gas stoves and wood stoves have been operating for too long, causing some metal parts to melt, and some crematorium stoves even burned out.

In the face of such an epidemic, the Modi government's mentality has completely collapsed! Modi emphasized in the statement that everything was under government control a few weeks ago, but the sudden second wave of the epidemic was like a "tornado." It is not difficult to see that in such a severe situation, Modi has begun to want to throw the pot away. We must know that if the Indian epidemic continues to be uncontrolled, then the global epidemic will not be over in a short period of time in the future.

At present, India has become a super populous country with a population of 1.35 billion, most of which are poor people, and this has directly led to the fact that a large number of Indians living in slums after the outbreak were unable to carry out basic protection, because these people are Japanese. The salary system has always relied on going out to do odd jobs every day to earn some money and then buying food to satisfy hunger. It is under this background that many places in India have become petri dishes for the virus. At present, the new crown virus has undergone a large number of mutations in India, and this has also forced medical and health institutions in various countries to continuously introduce new new crown vaccines.

More importantly, the domestic epidemic in India is likely to become a long-term threat to China. Although the borders between China and India are mostly high and cold places, they have perfectly become a natural line of defense against the virus. However, there are a lot of economic and trade exchanges between China and India, so we cannot one-sidedly believe that the Indian epidemic has nothing to do with China, but should insist on using a dialectical perspective to look at this issue.

The continuous fermentation of the domestic epidemic in India will inevitably have a heavy impact on the game of major powers on a global scale. After all, the Biden administration has always wanted to rely on India to contain the rise of China when it took office. As a result, India is now directly paralyzed by the epidemic. The dilemma, which directly led to the collapse of the "Four Nations Alliance". But all this is both a challenge and a major opportunity for China.

Because under the current severe situation, it is precisely the strategic opportunity for China to exert its global influence. At present, the production capacity of China's new crown vaccine has reached 5 billion, and it will be further improved in the future. It is not difficult to see that China has become the "big rear" of the global anti-epidemic strategy. Moreover, this epidemic can also make India realize that its own strategy has made mistakes, which is beneficial for China to further slow down or even disintegrate the US geostrategy.

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