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New soft and deepening silicone oil

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Deepening silicone oil has a long history. After years of development, along with the advancement and improvement of basic raw materials, deepening silicone oil has also grown stronger day by day.


Regardless of whether the silicone deepening agent or the resin-based deepening agent is processed, a dense uneven film is formed on the surface of the fabric through dipping/padding, which changes the direction of light reflection, reduces the reflected light, and achieves a deepening visual effect.


Silicone deepening agents not only have excellent deepening effects, but also have a variety of hand-feel styles, which can solve the problems of deepening and hand-feel in one bath.


The use of deepening agent mainly solves two problems:


First, the absorption rate of the fabric is saturated, and no amount of dye can be dyed deeply, and it will cause a serious problem of poor color fastness. By deepening the relay of silicone oil, the color is further and darker.

The second is to save dyes. For fabrics that do not require high color depth, using a darkening agent to replace a small amount of dyes can not only achieve the same color depth, but also save softeners and dyes. After all, dyes are several times more expensive than deepening silicone oil.

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