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Physical properties of acetate fibers

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1. Acetate fiber not only has a certain degree of water absorption, but also has the performance of rapid removal after water absorption.

2. The thermal stability of acetate fiber is good. The glass transition temperature of the fiber is about 185 ℃, and the melting termination temperature is about 310 ℃. At the end of the heating, the weight loss rate of the fiber is 90.78%; the breaking strength of the acetate fiber is 1.29 cN /dtex, while the strain is 31.44%.

3. The density of acetate fiber is smaller than that of viscose fiber, and it is closer to that of polyester; the strength is the lowest among the three fibers.

4. The elasticity of acetate fiber is relatively good, similar to silk and wool.

5. The shrinkage rate in boiling water is low, but high temperature treatment will affect the strength and gloss of the fiber, so the temperature should not exceed 85 ℃.

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