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Reactive Brilliant Blue Discharging Technology

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Reactive Brilliant Blue Discharging Technology

The conventional reactive dye discharge printing process uses the strong reducibility of the white powder to destroy the chromophoric groups of the background color. The color is colored with reducing agent-resistant vat dyes, and Degulin is used as a discharge agent, with a reducing agent-resistant coating. Into the color. Reactive dye discharge printing process is generally divided into neutral discharge dyeing and alkaline discharge dyeing.

Reactive Brilliant Blue

The difference between the two is whether to add an alkali agent. The choice of alkali agent can be caustic soda (36°Be), soda ash or potassium carbonate; the choice of dyes , General vinyl sulfone dyes can be whitened under neutral or alkaline reducing conditions, while dyes based on anthraquinone are more difficult to extract, such as brilliant blue KN-R (19th brilliant blue), because of its The anthraquinone matrix has strong resistance to reduction, and the unprinted area is black and gray, and satisfactory unloading effect cannot be obtained.

Brilliant blue is one of the more important colors in printing and dyeing colors. Printing various gorgeous patterns on the brilliant blue background sometimes becomes the style that fashion designers tend to prefer. This requires our printing and dyeing workers to find a solution.

There are materials that use triethanolamine as a discharging agent to pull out bright blue. The test results are poor. Based on long-term research experience in discharging, the author introduces three techniques to achieve this style.

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