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Salt Free Acid Dyes for Making Dye Inks

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Nowadays, the importance of digital printing is constantly gaining prominence. The growth of multi color inkjet technology is especially growing in the home and office application. A substantial and thriving consumer market for inkjet can be noticed in packaging, publication, and specialty areas.

The quality of inkjet printing is highly influenced by the physical and chemical properties of printing ink. Here lies the importance of inkjet dyes. Dyes for Inkjet ink are a bit different from the usual dyes that are available for fibers. 

This is because of the fact that they need to have high purity, and do contain few salt(salt free) and inorganic matters. Dye inks are prepared by dissolving of the liquid colored dyes into a fluid carrier. This makes the dyes easy to apply. 

When it is applied on a paper, the dyes are absorbed very uniformly so they reflect light very evenly. As the printing is a high precision job the inkjet dyes need to have superior quality in terms of colors, physical properties, and stability. 

Generally direct, reactive, and acid dyes are used as dyes for Inkjet Ink.

Inkjet dyes can also come in the form of powders besides the usual liquids.

Now our company have those salt free Acid Dyes on sale:

1. Acid Blue 9
2. Acid Red 52
3. Acid Yellow 23
4. Acid Black 194

digital printing

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Acid Blue 9:https://www.tiankunchemical.com/Skyacido-Acid-Blue-9-Dark-Blue-Fabric-dye-pd46632295.html

Acid Black 194:https://www.tiankunchemical.com/Skyacido-Acid-Black-194-140-Acid-Dye-For-Nylon-Acid-Dyestuff-pd42249295.html?searchValue=Skyacido%C2%AE%20Acid%20Black%20194%20140%25%20Acid%20Dye%20For%20Nylon%20Acid%20Dyestuff

Skyacido Acid Dyes:https://www.tiankunchemical.com/Skyacido-Acid-Dyes-pl3825703.html

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