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Silicon Valley Silicone Functional Fertilizer Sets a New Record for Rice Yield per Mu!

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On September 27, the demonstration base of Academician Yuan Longping of Xing'an League in Inner Mongolia was full of bumper harvests. The yellow ears of rice seemed to have covered the ground with a golden carpet. Experts from all over the country tested the yield of rice grown with organic silicon functional fertilizers on 1,800 mu of severely saline-alkali soil demonstration fields. Measuring, harvesting, weighing, removing impurities, and measuring humidity, the yield of 533.95 kg has created a new historical record for yield per mu of heavily saline-alkali soil.

Silicone functional fertilizer is a multi-functional fertilizer independently developed by Hebei Silicon Valley Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In recent years, the promotion and application of organosilicon functional fertilizers to control saline-alkali soil technology has reached more than 6 million mu. Organosilicon functional fertilizers have created one magical story after another in the field of saline-alkali soil treatment, making historical contributions to my country's soil ecological restoration projects.

This year is the fifth year of cooperation between Hebei Silicon Valley Agricultural Science Research Institute and the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center. The organic silicon functional fertilizer has boosted the "super hybrid rice" cultivated by Academician Yuan to produce 1082.1 kg per mu in 2016, 1149.02 kg per mu in 2017, and 1203.36 kg per mu in 2018, setting the world's highest rice yield per mu for three consecutive years.

On January 15, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized relevant experts to evaluate the scientific and technological achievements of "Silicon Functional Fertilizer Control Saline Soil Technology" completed by Silicon Valley Fertilizer Industry. reach the international leading level.

Contributions again and again, high yields again and again, and breakthroughs again and again, are the perfect interpretation of the spirit of Silicon Valley people to challenge themselves, to challenge the limits, and to challenge the spirit of struggle in the future.

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