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The Difference between Shuttle And Knitted Knitted

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The Difference between Shuttle And Knitted Knitted

At present, the vast majority of Chinese fabrics are divided into knitted and woven. The woven fabric is the fabric formed by the meridians and weft gauze vertically. The knitted fabric uses a knitted needle to form a coil with a knitted needle, and then put the coil with each other.

1. Different fabric tissue structure

The fabric is a fabric made of 90 degrees of vertical yarn meridian and latitude. The vertical yarn is called the meridian yarn, and the horizontal gauze is called weft gauze.

The knitting fabric is formed by bending the yarn sequentially into a coil, and the coil is nested with each other. The process of forming a coil through the yarn can be carried out horizontally or vertically.

2. The basic unit of fabric organizations is different

Sanitary fabrics are the smallest basic units of shuttle fabrics. Each intersection between latitude and weft is called the weaving point.

Kidtop fabrics are the basic unit of the smallest knitting fabric. The coil consists of a coil pole and a extension line on a space curve.

3. Different fabric tissue characteristics

The fabric is slightly curved in the intertwined place where the yarn and weft gauze are intertwined, bent towards the direction of the plane vertically, the degree of bending is related to the tension between the latitude and the stiffness of the yarn. When the spindle fabric is suffered from external tension such as longitudinal stretching, the slope tension increases, decreases bend, and the weft gauze has increased.

The knitted fabric coil is curved in space, so each coil is composed of yarn. If the knitted tension is affected by longitudinal stretching, the bending of the coil will change and the height of the coil will increase. Instead, the width of the coil will decrease. The tension level is stretched horizontally, and the height and width of the coil can be converted to each other under different tension conditions.

4. Different characteristics of fabric tissue

Due to the relationship between the meridians of the shuttle fabric, the expansion of the weft yarn, and the contraction, the fabrics do not have much to change, and there will be no conversion. Therefore, the fabrics are generally tight and strong.

The knitted fabric can extend in all directions, good elasticity, knitwear consists of hole coils, with large breathability and soft feel.

5. Different physical and mechanical properties of fabric tissue

The physical and mechanical properties of the shuttle fabric include the veil density, cloth edge, front and back, the direction of the back, the fabric coverage.

The physical properties of knitted fabrics include: vertical grinding, horizontal grinding, extension performance, elasticity, broken strength, abrasion resistance, curl, thickness, desertability, contraction, coverage, volume density.


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