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The Influencing factors of color fastness to rubbing

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Color fastness to rubbing is also called color fastness to rubbing. The main influencing factors are the structure and properties of dyes, the organizational structure of different fibers and fabrics, and the dyeing process.

Reactive dyes contain hydrophilic groups such as sulfonic acid groups. If the dyes on textiles are not fully washed, there will be more unfixed dyes on the fibers. At this time, the dyes with high water solubility are easy to fade and stain on the rubbed fabric. ; Dyes with high directness are difficult to diffuse into the interior of the fiber, causing the surface of the textile to float and easily fade.

The morphological structure of the fiber is different, and the fixing rate of the dye is different. High color fixation rate, less amount of hydrolyzed dyes, easy to wash off floating color, good color fastness to rubbing; smooth fiber surface, flat structure and low friction coefficient, good color fastness to rubbing. Generally speaking, the color fastness to rubbing of regenerated cellulose fiber (Modal, Tencel and viscose fiber) textiles, especially the color fastness to wet rubbing, is better than that of natural fiber cotton. The structure of the fabric also has a great influence on the color fastness to rubbing: the order of friction coefficient is: plain weave fabric > twill weave fabric > forged weave fabric.

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