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The main factors of mercerizing process

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Purpose of mercerizing:

1. Increased gloss and brightness after mercerizing;

2. The adsorption capacity, the chemical reaction capacity is enhanced, and the dye color yield is improved;

3. Shrinkage rate, dimensional stability, and fabric flatness improved;

4. Mechanical properties such as strength and extensibility have changed.


Major factor:


Lye concentration: the main factor affecting the mercerizing effect;


Changes in length and diameter of cotton fiber after treatment with different concentrations of caustic soda solution:


When the concentration is more than 8%, the diameter increases and the length shortens to the maximum.


The shrinkage and dyeing strength of cotton yarn in different concentrations of NaOH solution;


Cotton mercerizing requires concentration (the relationship between C and shrinkage and barium value) when C=177g/L, barium value is 150, C=245g/l, barium value: the highest. C=240~280g/l, the shrinkage tends to be stable.


In actual production, it can be selected according to the quality of semi-finished products and the quality requirements of finished products.

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