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The price of dyes has skyrocketed!

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According to industry media reports, the quotations of disperse dyes rose sharply on February 27, with an increase of 5000 per ton for each category. Among them, the quotation of 300% of the scattered black ECT has reached 35,000 yuan.




The price of dyes is currently at a relatively low level. As the prices of various chemical raw materials continue to rise, printing and dyeing enterprises have increased their orders and the future trend is improving, dye prices may start to rise.


In addition, the tightening of environmental safety has increased the barriers to entry for dye manufacturers, and the cost advantages of environmental protection and safety of small dye manufacturers have disappeared, limiting the overall supply of reactive dyes.


Dyes refer to materials that can dye fabrics or other materials into bright and firm colors. According to dye properties and application methods, dyes can be divided into sub-categories such as disperse dyes, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes, and direct dyes.


At present, the overall pattern of dye production is in an oligopolistic situation, and the production capacity is concentrated in a few companies. In 2019, my country's disperse dye production capacity concentration ratio is nearly 80%, and reactive dyes are relatively dispersed. There are more small and medium-sized enterprises, and CR5 is 66%.

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