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The production and processing point of denim fabric

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Ring spun denim

Ring spun yarn is a kind of cotton yarn, which is divided into air spinning (oe) and ring spinning (r). Ring spun denim refers to the yarn spun by ring spun cloth. Generally, ring spinning is more expensive than air spinning. Ring spinning improves the shortcomings of coarse yarns, such as short spinning length, low production efficiency, and many knots. The feel and drape of ring-spun denim are better than air-jet yarns, and after washing, there will be slub Shaped style, so that it has a stronger momentum of development.


Warp and weft slub denim

A yarn with the same thickness from top to bottom is called light yarn. Regularly thick and thin we call slub yarn. There are long slub and short slub. The surface of some denim also looks like bamboo. Knots, but thick and thin yarn. Also, the cloth woven by ring spinning will look like a slub effect.


Super Indigo Dyed Denim

In the past, indigo washing deliberately made the indigo dye’s core penetration of the fiber very shallow, so that when denim garments are washed, the very thin layer of dye on the surface of the yarn is rubbed off, exposing more white yarn cores to make the color. It fades quickly, so as to achieve the effect of fading immediately after a short time of scrubbing. Contrary to the indigo washing process in the past, the dye core is required to have a particularly good degree of penetration, so that the denim garments can obtain a deep and bright color after grinding and washing.


Colored denim

The so-called chromatic denim is based on ordinary fabrics, after desizing and washing, dyeing with reactive dyes again. Since the original warp yarn is blue, and the weft yarn is white without dyeing, the effects produced by the warp and weft yarns after dyeing again are different, so there will be a two-color special effect. This kind of process has more color sets after making clothes, and less color sets of fabrics. Because the secondary process is more cumbersome, the cost is also higher.


Assorted denim

Assorted denim is because there is only one blue in the indigo dye color spectrum for dyeing denim. Therefore, in order to obtain colors other than blue, it must be dyed with other dyes. It is usually dyed with reactive sulfur vat dyes, so it is called assorted denim or colored denim.

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