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What Are The Two Misunderstandings Of Dyeing With Disperse Turquoise Blue S-GL?

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1. There are already a large number of dispersants in the products of Turquoise Blue S-GL. Is it necessary to add a dispersant when dyeing? We think it is necessary to add a dispersant with good high temperature stability, especially the Turquoise Blue class is thick and compact. The dyeing of fabrics or yarns, such as suede, zipper cloth, cheese yarn, etc., is an important method to improve the turquoise blue flower by improving its dispersibility at high temperature or preventing the re-agglomeration of the dye at high temperature.

2. Many technicians believe that green color is easy to color, so they strengthen the use of leveling agents, but they do not know that it has entered a medium dark color, or even a very dark color. The depth of dyeing refers to the total amount of dye used. Improper addition of leveling agent will not only cause the problem of "color reduction", but also the "dye aggregation" is serious, which is a fatal factor for the color of turquoise dyes.

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