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What Is Continuous Dyeing

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Continuous Dyeing is continuous dyeing. The tension of dyes is large. It is usually used for large -scale dyeing processing of fabrics, and labor productivity is high. The machine used by rolling dye is generally used for continuous rolling machines. The continuous rolling machine consists of some unit machines. It mainly includes unit devices such as rolling (dipping device), fixing, flat washing, drying, and steaming.

Various dyes have various rolling dyes due to different dyeing processes and conditions. If the original dye suspended rolling dye, the insoluble puppet nitrogen dye continuous rolling machine, the continuous dye dyeing machine of the soluble dye dye.

Requirements for rolling: The rolling requirements are uniform, and the liquid liquid rate of front, rear, left, middle, and right is uniform. The ideal rolling is evenly rolled. This kind of rolling at both ends of the rolls use compressed air with compressed air. Pressure, pressurizing the oil pump inside the roll, by adjusting the same pressure at the entire amplitude, it is not easy to cause deep flaws on the edge of the fabric and the middle.

A pair of rolling rolling rolling is soft rollers. Generally, there are several forms such as one immersive, one rolling, one immersed, two rolled rolling, two immersed and two rolling, or more immersed.

The thickness of the fabric, poor permeability, and high dye amount, should be immersed with one rolling. The rate of fabric band liquid during soaking should generally be lower, and the balance of the rolling rate is high. During the drying process, swimming (referring to the phenomenon or departure of the dyeing fluid moving with the moisture during the soaked and dyeing solution), the more Severe, prone to dyeing unevenness. The wet content on the fabric is below a certain value (such as less than 30% cotton and less than 25% of polyester cotton). The swimming phenomenon is not significant.

The drying device has infrared rays, dry wind, dry air, and drying. During the drying process of infrared rays, the surface of the fabric is heated at the same time, the drying is evenly dried, and the dyes shift less from the inside of the fabric to the surface. The hot air drying temperature should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to cause uneven drying, especially the fabric that is soaked in the staining solution, even more when it enters the hot air chamber.

What is Continuous Dyeing

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