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What Is Corduroxy

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Corduroxy is cotton fabric with velvet and surface forming vertical velvet. The main raw materials are mainly cotton. Because the pills are like a stripe of lamp core, it is called a corduroy.

Corduroxic ingredients are generally cotton, and there are fibrous blended or intertwined with fiber such as polyester, acrylic, and spandex. The core of the luminis is the fabric of the vertical velvet because the surface forms the velvet.

After processing such as cutting, brushing, etc., the surface of the fabric appears like a light -shaped velvet -shaped velvet, which is named.

Core velvet strips are round and plump, fluff -resistant, thick texture, soft feel, good warmth.

It is mainly used for autumn and winter coats, shoe and hat fabrics, and should also make furniture decorative cloth, curtains, sofa fabrics, handicrafts, toys, etc.

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