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What Is Fluorescent Whitening Agent And Its Characteristics

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Fluorescent whitening agent is a fluorescent dye, or a white dye, which is also a collective name for a type of compound. Its characteristics are to stimulate the radiation of the incident light to generate fluorescence, so that the infected matter can obtain the glittering effect of fluorite -like fluorite, making the substances seen by the naked eye very white.

Fluorescent whitening agent is a color conditioning agent, which has a bright and white effect, and is widely used in many fields such as papermaking, textiles, and washing agents. There are about 15 basic structures of fluorescent whitening agents and nearly 400 structures. There are two types of fluorescent whitening agents that are allowed to be added to the detergent of clothing: di -styrene -based pedibin (such as CBS, etc.) and bisotrazine (such as 33#, etc.).

The principle of fluorescent whitening agent is to absorb ultraviolet light that is not visible in the light, and emit visible blue light. After superimposed with the yellow light from the fabric, it complements the white light to increase the white light emitted by the fabric. Bright white, this is the bright white effect. The fluorescent whitening agent can absorb the invisible ultraviolet light (the wavelength range is about 60-380 nm), which is converted into a blue light or purple visible light with a long wavelength. The wavelength of the incident is more visible in the range of 400-600nm, making the product look white, brighter and more bright.

Fluorescent whitening agent

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