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What Is Jacquard

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Jacquard is a bump pattern composed of meridian and latitude lines.

The difference between printing and jacquard

After the fabric is woven, the flowers that are printed again can have multiple options.

The lift fabric is woven when weaving, and the flower can not be selected after the shape of the cloth.

The use of jets is very wide. It can not only make casual pants, sportswear, suits, etc., but also materials on the bed. The fabric is comfortable to wear, and it is very popular. The "elastic" fabric uses a polyester FDY 50D*DTY75D+spandex 40D as the raw material. The satin tissue is intertwined with the spraying machine. Because the meridian uses a large light wire, the cloth surface is attractive. The advantages of softness, elasticity, comfort, and gloss have occupied a place in the fabric market.

Polyester low -bullets are raw materials, and the fabric tissue structure uses satin flat lines to change texture. After intertwined on the jet weaving machine, the gray fabric is then processed by retreating, pre -shrinking, soft, etc. The width of the fabric is 150cm.

The demand is relatively strong, and the number of customers in the same way is that the number of cownsids has increased. In addition, twisting coloring has been favored by clothing manufacturers. It is mainly used as casual pants and sportswear, and it is on the bed. This product is both dyed and printed. The market price of white blank is around 4.40 yuan/meter.

The new fabrics that are comfortable, modern, and artistic, have attracted merchants with their attractive charm, and their sales are also quite good.


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