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What are the advantages of cupra?

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Copper ammonia fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. It is made by dissolving natural cellulose raw materials such as cotton linters in Cu(OH)2 or a concentrated ammonia solution of alkaline copper salt to make spinning solution. In the coagulation solution, The hydrated cellulose produced by the decomposition of cuprocellulose molecules to produce cellulose, and the fiber obtained after post-processing is cupra.

The moisture absorption rate of copper ammonia fiber is close to that of viscose fiber, and its regular moisture regain rate is 11%, and the moisture regain rate can reach 12-13% under general atmospheric pressure. Its strength in the dry state is close to that of viscose fiber, but in the wet state, the strength is higher than that of viscose fiber. Its wet strength is 65-70% of that in the dry state, and its abrasion resistance is better than viscose fiber. The cross-section of the cupra fiber is round and has no skin core structure. The fiber can withstand high stretch and the monofilament that can be produced is relatively thin. Therefore, the fabric woven with cupra has soft hand feeling, soft luster and silky feel. Copper ammonia fiber has poor resistance to acid, and it has no effect when treated in a low-concentration alkaline solution for a short time, but it will cause greater damage in a high-concentration caustic soda solution. Under the same conditions, cupra has greater dyeing affinity than viscose fiber, and the color is darker. In addition, copper ammonia fiber has poor resistance to chlorine bleach and H202. Because of its good hygroscopicity, its antistatic ability is good, and it will not feel stuffy even if it is worn in a dry area. Its most attractive place is its moisture absorption and release properties.

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